• REGULAR COLLECTION – If there is no collection, there is no charge. PFS is paid based on monies collected.
  • PRE-COLLECTION – An addition to regular collection, PFS can help prepare you to send your final warning prior to assigning the accounts.
  • LETTER SERVICE – PFS will send out a final notice for you, on our letterhead. There is a fixed per-letter cost and you keep 100 percent of what is collected during the final notice period.
  • CREDIT REPORTING – If you choose, PFS will place a negative mark on your debtor’s credit file if the account is not paid in full within a set time limit.
  • LITIGATION – If regular collection does not yield a result, PFS will under certain conditions, file suit on your debts. Costs will be shared as outlined in your written agreement with PFS.
  • FORWARDING – If your debtor leaves California, PFS will send your account to one of our affiliates in the area where the debtor relocated.
  • SKIPTRACING – PFS will take all legal steps available to locate your debtor if he or she
    “skips”. All investigations and/or services of process are accomplished by persons retained by PFS who are licensed in the State of California for those services.
  • BANKRUPTCY AND ESTATE CLAIMS – This service is free with regular collection. PFS will file and follow up bankruptcy and estate claims.
  • CONSULTING – PFS will advise your staff on questions and procedures relating to receivables, bad debt, and local collection policies.
  • TRAINING – PFS will train you and your staff on telephone techniques, patient or client information review, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as it relates to your creditors.
  • INITIAL SET UP FEE – PFS charges NO initial set-up fee!